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  1. Mesures compensatoires
    2018, 1-channel video installation with text, 15 minutes, sound

    In January 2017 after the refugee and migrant camp known as the Calais Jungle was cleared, the mayor of Calais issued a municipal ordinance forbidding access to or occupation of the area by any means not "compatible with the conservation of its natural resources". This by-law presented itself as protecting a landscape damaged by the use to which it had been put, whose restoration was a political priority. The question of environmental protection thus found itself entangled with the politics of migration.

    2018 — Festival Hors Pistes "La nation et ses fictions", Georges-Pompidou Centre national d’art et de culture (Paris)
    2018 — Colloque "Brassages Planétaires", Centre Culturel International de Cérisy